Which World of Warcraft Class Do You Most Recommend
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Which World of Warcraft Class Do You Most Recommend?

It’s a great time to get into, or even back into, World of Warcraft, given that there’s the choice of the standard game or Classic experience. But that also means making an important chance. Who do you want to be? Forging a new identity is tough. So which class would you most recommend as being best suited for someone heading into World of Warcraft? We have some ideas, and we’d love to hear yours as well.

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I played World of Warcraft as a Paladin for a looong time, until I eventually got a bit fed up with it. It was during the Legion expansion that i began to prioritize my Death Knight character, and boy do they have “the Juice”, as kids say. The same durability and self healing Paladins have with more damage and fun abilities. I used to scoff at their edgy lore, now I embrace it. — Elliot

I’m a relative newcomer, but the most recent updates have made it easy to jump in. But what World of Warcraft class would I most recommend? Well. It depends. While I do jump onto “Retail” (the main server with all of the latest updates and raids) from time to time as my Frost-aspected Death Knight, I’ve found myself more partial to Hunter in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. I like being able to level by myself and the skill system for your pet is honestly really cool. So while Death Knight has all of the flair and DPS that I love (and a set of really cool glowing blue eyes), Hunter has become my go-to as I gravitate more and more into playing Classic. This is mostly because of its survivability by comparison, and the ability to solo non-raid specific content. — Kazuma

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