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Big Daddy Damaged in Fight with Megatron: Reinforcements Arrive


Big Daddy Fight

So Big Daddy was walking around on the kitchen table scoping out a giant container of ADAM for his Little Sister when all of a sudden Generation 2 Megatron popped out and said, "STFU! That's my energon, jerk!"  So he blasted Big Daddy, causing him to fall and break his drill.  Big Daddy writhed in pain and made a bunch of whale noises until succumbing to a cold death.  Luckily, another Big Daddy arrived via UPS complete with a free art book courtesy of 2K Games to avenge him!  More pics of the art book and my broken Big Daddy past the break and don't forget to check your doorstep for those of you that signed up for your unbroken Big Daddies:


 Broken Big Daddy

< align="center"p>Bioshock Art Book

 Inside Little Sister