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Billion Road Surprise-Updated With Ranking Versus Mode

Billion Road

Moneymaking board-game-like Billion Road announced a new update at the June 23rd New Game+ Expo, and that update is live right now on PC. The game now has a new “Ranking Versus Mode”, where players can play with and against up to three other people to earn ranking points.

Billion Road is available now on PC via Steam and Switch, and according to Graham, it’s a digital board game in the Japanese sugoroku style. That puts its structure closer to the company of Monopoly and The Game of Life. Players will participate in a fictional Japanese game show, traveling around Japan to trigger events and invest in property to make as much money as they can.

Like similar games (and Mario Party), players will need to manage risk in Billion Road, as well as cope with the capriciousness of random chance, since monsters, events, and unfortunate dice rolls can deplete an entire fortune quickly.

Josh Tolentino
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