Black Desert’s Player-vs-Player Is As Much Skill As Power


The beautiful PC online RPG Black Desert is all about the player-versus-player. Here’s how it could play out:



YouTuber “P ANIC” teamed up with Steparu to film several fights between the classes for viewers to watch.


What’s clear is that a lot of battle time will be spent dodging the heck out of enemy attacks, because those things hurt. While they don’t hurt bad enough that a couple hits will take you out, they do deal enough damage that both players prefer spending time dodging the other’s attacks rather than taking it on the chin.


While a duel might take awhile, in the clamor of a full-on war it’s likely that you’ll probably dodge straight into someone else’s attack anyway. This could make combat fast and frantic, while still relying on some level of skill to try and survive.


Black Desert is slated for PC and headed to Korea and Europe.