Black Rock Shooter artist, Huke, is collaborating with Sega on a Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity downloadable outfit, complete with two giant scythe-shaped weapons.


The gothic-style outfit, called “Grim Chain,” will set you back 300 yen if you download it off PlayStation Network when it goes live on April 14th. Meanwhile, Huke has designed two separate weapons, Skullted Scythes, to go with the outfit:


The one of the left is a Sword type weapon with a 50% Fire attribute. The one on the right is an Axe type, also with a 50% Fire attribute. I can’t tell if there’s a difference between the two designs, personally. Each one costs 200 yen, and will be available alongside the Grim Chain on April 14th.


Oh, while the two scythes look may look small in the renders above, Sega released two tiny screenshots to show their size in proportion to a character:



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