Blade & Soul Gets A Launch Trailer And New Screenshots



    Korean fantasy MMO, Blade & Soul, officially released on western servers, nearly three and a half years after its original Korean debut.


    The game is free to play, although optional premium subscription is available, and features 4 playable races as well as 7 character classes to choose from, some of which are exclusive to a single race. You can visit this page to download the client and try the game yourself.


    In addition, to mark Blade & Soul’s western debut, NCSoft has released a launch trailer for the game, as well as some screenshots. Here’s a look at the official trailer.




    BnS_2016-01_Blade_and_Soul_Launch_03 BnS_2016-01_Blade_and_Soul_Launch_04

    BnS_2016-01_Blade_and_Soul_Launch_05 BnS_2016-01_Blade_and_Soul_Launch_07

    BnS_2016-01_Blade_and_Soul_Launch_06 BnS_2016-01_Blade_and_Soul_Launch_08


    Blade & Soul is now available for PC.


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