Nintendo Switch

BlazBlue Creator Says The Nintendo Switch Could Become A Home For Fighting Games



Since the release of the Nintendo Switch back in March, Arc System Works has released a few titles on the console’s eShop. There are also plans for a BlazBlue title to be put onto the Switch, though whether this would be a new entry in the series or a pre-existing one remains to be seen.


In regards to the Switch, Redbull recently asked BlazBlue creator Toshimichi Mori if he could provide any update to the plans involving his series and the console. While Mori could not share any new information, he did say that, thanks to the introduction of Arms, he feels that “fighting games can definitely find a home on the Switch.”


Here is Mori’s full response:


“As far as announcements go, I unfortunately can’t say much today, but what I will say is that with the introduction of fun competitive games like Arms, I do believe fighting games can definitely find a home on the Switch. Stay tuned!”


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