Later this month Bleach: Soul Carnival comes out in Japan and it brings 84 characters from the series with it. This number is split between playable characters, sub-characters, and characters with extra skills. Huh? The description is rather vague, but I wouldn’t expect to have 84 super deformed Bleach characters to select from for the platformer. Yeah, Bleach: Soul Carnival is a platformer which bucks the trend of the ongoing Bleach: Heat the Soul series.


Sony really is cramming fan service in Bleach: Soul Carnival by adding figures, story descriptions, and character profiles that are stored in the My Room menu. You even get a Bleach alarm clock as part of Bleach: Soul Carnival which lets you set a voice sample as an alarm sound. Someone’s dream of hearing Ichigo shout Bankai in the morning is about to come true.


Images courtesy of Sony.

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