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BlizzCon 2020 Isn’t Canceled, but Blizzard Is Preparing for All Eventualities

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You know the drill. As the global pandemic continues, events planned throughout the year continue to be impacted. Due to all the uncertainty, companies, venues, and even fans are struggling with when to make the important calls. Blizzard seems to be trying to stay ahead of the matter, releasing a BlizzCon 2020 COVID-19 statement before any final decisions are in place. Instead, Blizzard is trying to reassure the fans and potential attendees, promising it will keep everyone up to date on news as it happens.

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For now, according to the statement, Blizzard is still figuring out what it’s going to do with BlizzCon 2020. This event, despite sometimes being a hotbed of gaming drama, is a huge convention that’s like an E3 just for Blizzard games. So it makes sense that everyone involved is worried about cancelling it prematurely. For now, this time of the year is still very much planning time.

The statement, which comes from Executive BlizzCon Producer Saralyn Smith, notes that it’s far too early to cancel. But that doesn’t mean it won’t end up needing to be canceled, so Blizzard is actively measuring expectations and exploring various possibilities. The key here is that Blizzard is promising to keep everyone in the loop, considering how crucial things like travel plans are.

BlizzCon is held every November at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

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