Bloodborne and SuperGroupies Collaboration Items Include a Themed Watch, Bag, and Wallet

SuperGroupies Bloodborne Collaboration Items

SuperGroupies will be creating a line of Bloodborne-inspired merchandise. This lineup will include a watch, bag, and wallet. Each of these items has been designed to represent the different themes and locations found in Bloodborne. These collaboration items are available to order internationally. Pre-orders are open and will last until October 19, 2020. Items are expected to ship in Februrary 2021.

The first item on the list is a watch inspired by the Astral Clocktower found in the Old Hunter’s DLC. The face of the watch is designed to reflect the area where Lady Maria is found, and then subsequently fought. The back of the watch has a clear case, which provides a look into the mechanisms that keep the watch in motion. The Astral Clocktower Watch will cost ¥30,000, or roughly $284.

The second SuperGroupies and Bloodborne collaboration item is a bag. This item has been designed with the general motifs and themes of the game in mind. The fabric inside the bag has different Caryll Runes, along with specific key words that make up a pattern. Additionally, the bag will come with a Hunter’s Saw Badge charm. The charm itself is detachable, so you can use it as an accessory outside of a charm for the bag. The bag will cost ¥13,800 or $130.

And lastly, there is a foldable wallet. This wallet is made out of genuine leather and has Caryll Runes embossed on the outside. The wallet will cost ¥11,800 or $111.

You can take a look at the SuperGroupies and Bloodborne collaboration items below.

Other recent Bloodborne merchandise includes products from TORCH TORCH. This includes replicas of the Cainhurst and Powder Kegs badges.

Bloodborne is immediately available on the PlayStation 4.

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