Blue Archive Anime Adaptation Announced


Nexon Games and Yostar celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Blue Archive in Japan over the weekend, and closed out its live celebration with an announcement. A Blue Archive anime is in production. Details on the project’s nature are scarce, but it will feature the game’s world of Kivotos, its angel-like population of Students, and the events of the game’s various storylines.

An official site was also opened to promote the show, but other than a poster featuring a look at the character Arona, it has no other concrete details at the moment.

Blue Archive is no stranger to anime. It has character designs and storytelling heavily inspired by Japanese animated series. It also has multiple anime-style promos, including several short episodes produced by studio Yostar Pictures. Yostar Pictures mainly produces animated work based on Yostar-managed games, including Azur Lane and Arknights. The recent Arknights: Prelude to Dawn anime series and its in-production sequel, Perish in Frost, were also done by Yostar Pictures. It also produced the 2nd Anniversary promo, which teases new additions to the game’s ongoing story campaigns.

Note: The Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary promo and the description below contains potential spoilers for future story events in Blue Archive‘s global edition.

The 2nd Anniversary Blue Archive anime promo heralded updates to the game’s four ongoing story campaigns. Each campaign focuses on one or more groups of Students living in Kivotos and connected to the city’s academies and Schale, the player “Sensei’s” organization. Further developments in their respective storylines were all implied by glimpses at static art. Another potential event was sighted, where all the respective groups come together to cooperate with Kivotos’ ruling party, the General Student Council. Notably, the scenes also hint that players will finally receive more context on Blue Archive‘s opening scene, where an unnamed Student implied to be the (currently missing) General Student Council President speaks to the player before they begin the game.

Blue Archive is available on Android and iOS devices. Outside Japan, the global edition of Blue Archive will celebrate its 1.5 year anniversary in early February 2023. The Blue Archive anime is in production, with no announced release window.

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