Blue Archive Anniversary Promo Animates Key Scenes

Blue archive anniversary

Developer Nexon celebrated the anniversary of Blue Archive this month, and released an animated promotional video to commemorate the occasion. The promo shows off a montage of scenes from the game’s four main story campaigns. The montage also animated a few key moments that only appeared as still event art in-game, while emphasizing the involved characters.

Check it out below.

Nexon first launched Blue Archive in February 2021 in Japan, and its English-language global edition launched in November 2021. The game is set in the city of Kivotos, where schools rule each district, and every student has a halo and a gun. The player is Kivotos’ only “sensei,” put in charge of the troubleshooting organization Schale. They’re tasked with solving problems around Kivotos, often involving the relations between the armed academies.

The Blue Archive anniversary promo puts particular emphasis on the most dramatic of Blue Archive‘s four current story arcs: The “Eden Treaty”. The storyline involves a peace treaty between two rival Kivotos schools: Gehenna Academy and Trinity General School. The ceremony is attacked by Arius, an underground satellite school backed by a sinister secret faction. The members of the Make-Up Work Club: Azusa, Hifumi, Hanako, and Koharu, get swept into the chaos. Another storyline that receives attention is “Clockwork Flower Pavane,” which features Millennium Science School’s Game Development Club. Its members – Midori, Momoi, Yuzu, and Aris, also starred in Beautiful Day Dreamer, an animated short released as part of the Blue Archive anniversary celebration.

Lastly, a promo released ahead of the Blue Archive anniversary celebrations emphasized the “slice of life” interactions between the students. Various characters arrive at the Schale office to prepare for an anniversary party. The promo originally released around the time of the Japanese anniversary celebration, but the newer upload has localized text and signage.

Blue Archive is available on iOS and Android devices.

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