Blue Archive Begins New Year Event in August

Blue Archive New Year

Nexon is ready to bid the past year goodbye and celebrate the ringing in of the New Year in Blue Archive. There’s one catch to that sentiment, though: It’s still August.

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Nevertheless, celebrations will proceed, as the Blue Archive New Year event is live now in the English-language edition of the game. Titled “New Year’s Rhapsody No. 68”, the event brings two new limited-rarity characters to the fore. It also brings up a new story steeped in New Year’s traditions, as reflected in the game world of Kivotos.

Check out an animated promo for the event below.

The Blue Archive New Year event stars Problem Solver 68, a school club made up of several Gehenna Academy students. Aru, Mutsuki, Kayoko, and Haruka are looking to take their budding criminal organization to the next level by dressing to impress for their New Year’s shrine visit. Hijinks, naturally, will ensue. The event adds Aru and Mutsuki in New Year’s kimono outfits. Aru (New Year) and Mutsuki (New Year) are both Striker units. Aru’s sniper rifle now does Piercing damage, and her EX skill chains its damage to enemies caught in its arc. Mutsuki’s machine gun spreads its damage out in an unusual arch-shaped pattern to light up foes with Mystic damage.

The event itself follows the standard template for in-game events (like the Bunny event from May). Players will experience the story in one-off missions, while quests can be repeated to gather up event currencies. The currencies can be traded for goodies like character development materials and special furniture for the café. The furniture also has special animations for certain New Year’s characters. A prize box is also available that drops more materials, as well as Eleph items for the standard versions of Mutsuki and Kayoko. Additionally, players can choose an omikuji fortune stick to win more rewards.

The Blue Archive New Year’s Rhapsody event runs until August 22, 2022. The game is available on mobile devices.

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