Blue Archive Bunny Event Launches on May 3, 2022

Blue Archive Bunny

It’s a little late to celebrate Easter, but not too late to commemorate the half-year anniversary of Blue Archive. Nexon is launching the fifth Blue Archive event of 2022, “Bunny Chasers on Board,” on May 3, 2022. To celebrate six months in operation for the English version of the game, the event will add new playable characters to the roster, and they’ll be dressed in bunny outfits.

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Nexon uploaded a teaser trailer for the Blue Archive Bunny Event, as well.

The Blue Archive Bunny Chasers on Board event story focuses on the members of Clean & Clear, the covert operations squad of Kivotos’ Millenium Science School. C&C consists of students Karin, Asuna, Akane, and Neru. The members typically go undercover as Millenium’s maid club, which means they typically dress in maid cosplay while quietly excising threats to the academy and city.

This time, C&C is after “White Bunny,” a notorious troublemaker based in Millenium. The pursuit leads them to a casino cruise ship belonging to another academy. When the ship launches with them trapped aboard, they must trade their maid wear for bunny suits, infiltrating the casino staff while they hunt down White Bunny.

Bunny Chasers on Board also expands the Blue Archive playable roster by three, with bunny-suited versions of Karin, Neru, and Asuna on the banner. Unlike regular Karin, Bunny Karin is a Striker character, using her sniper rifle like a shotgun to inflict wide-range Mystic damage. Bunny Asuna is a 3-Star upgrade from regular Asuna, with new damage-dealing attacks that sap enemy defense. Bunny Neru has learned to channel regular Neru’s rage into endurance and is able to activate a defensive shield and greatly boost her evasion, making her into a potent tank character.

Blue Archive is available on Android and iOS. The Bunny Chasers on Board event begins on May 3, 2022. Players can “pre-register” for the event to receive a gift of premium currency.

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