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Blue Archive Global Abydos Beach Event Launched

It is the dead of winter in many places right now, including Japan, but a beach episode will not be stopped. Nexon launched the first of two planned summer-themed events in the English-language Blue Archive global edition. The first is live now and will run through February 5, 2023. Participants will earn a variety of goodies, as well as a free playable character.

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Check out a trailer for the first Blue Archive global summer event, “Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force.”

The event involves the students of Abydos High School, who also starred in the first volume of the main story campaign. Abydos High School is unusual in that it’s on the verge of shutting down due to extreme debt. Its only students are the five members of the Foreclosure Task Force, who refuse to give up on their beloved school. After a stroke of luck in the local lottery, the quintet has scored some tickets to a resort vacation. Unfortunately, the resort itself is an abandoned ruin. Additionally, the famed fugitive Wakamo Kosaka is in the area, apparently seeking a summer safehouse.

Like other Blue Archive global events, the Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force event is split between story stages and repeatable quests. Players will repeat quest stages to gather up event currency. The currency can be redeemed in the form of rolls on a lottery-style prize box. Prizes range from growth materials to “Eleph” points that can be used to redeem certain characters. Players can also take on an “Allied Mission”, a raid boss-style event where the entire player population chips away at the health of a single powerful enemy. In this case, it’s Wakamo and her amphibious hovercraft warship.

The character banner will also add two new playable characters: Swimsuit Nonomi and Swimsuit Wakamo. Swimsuit Nonomi can focus her minigun’s firing pattern, dealing immense damage to a single target. Swimsuit Wakamo can launch a barrage of pinpoint shots at a single target, stunning it and increasing the duration of the stun effect for each shot that lands. One character will also be given away for free, the Swimsuit edition of Task Force member Ayane Okusora. Ayane is a backline support unit that can summon a Blackhawk helicopter to the field to provide close air support to the squad.

Blue Archive is available on iOS and Android devices. The Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force event lasts until February 5, 2023.

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