Blue Archive Launches Valentine’s Event in September 2022

Blue Archive Valentine's

It seems the Blue Archive calendar is just “built different”. Thanks to the complications of launching the global edition of a live game, the next event on the game’s schedule is the Blue Archive Valentine’s event. According to Nexon’s roadmap, it’s scheduled to begin in September 2022. This follows after the New Year’s event, which launched in August 2022.

Formally titled “Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol – Kosaka Wakamo’s Silence and Feast”, the event focuses on Wakamo, Chihiro, Sena, and Fubuki, four new playable Students. Things go wrong when Sensei agrees to help Chihiro and the others patrol for rowdiness during Kivotos’ Valentine’s day celebrations. The scene is put under siege by Wakamo, a notorious criminal.

Check out a trailer from when players of the Japanese edition experienced it (at a more seasonally appropriate time: Late January 2022).

The Blue Archive Valentine’s event also follows an unusual structure, swapping regularly between a Valentine’s Day Patrol and an attack by Wakamo. Players will need to alternate between the two “phases” of the event to maximize their rewards. For their trouble they’ll gain Pyroxene gems, progression materials, and Eleph for Fubuki, who can be obtained for free through event progress. Wakamo, Chihiro, and Sena will all appear on their own recruitment banners for players to roll for.

Sena is a 3-Star Special unit, and part of Gehenna Academy. She can boost ally healing and attack, and summon an emergency vehicle to heal the squad in combat. Chihiro is also a 3-Star Special unit who specializes in neutralizing enemies in Heavy armor. Her skills boost ally critical damage, decrease enemy attack, and can damage and enemy Striker unit. If the Striker is a Heavy armor unit (like Tsurugi), it gets hit by a heavy and long-lasting stun effect. Wakamo is a 3-Star Striker that wields a sniper rifle and deals Mystic damage. Her EX skill damages an enemy and “stores up” all the damage allies deal for 10 seconds, unleashing it in a single massive hit. Wakamo is a limited-rarity unit, which means that unlike Chihiro and Sena, she won’t be available after the Blue Archive Valentine’s recruitment banner leaves the rotation.

Here’s a look at Wakamo in more detail. She’s voiced by Chiwa Saito, who played Hitagi in the Monogatari Series, and Tamamo-no-Mae in Fate/Extra and Fate/Grand Order.

Blue Archive is available on iOS and Android devices. The Valentine’s event is expected to begin in early September. A “pre-registration” campaign is active now, where prizes will be awarded to all players depending on the number of registrations received.

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