Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Upgrades Character Creator and Starting Classes

Blue Protocol closed beta test character creator and starting classes

Bandai Namco recently hosted the Blue Protocol closed beta test in Japan, which featured various improvements and upgrades from the alpha test. 4Gamer got a chance to check it out and provided a play report with its latest details.

Check out highlights focusing on the character creator and starting classes from the play report:

The character creator got a significant upgrade with a variety of options. For example, it now has a new “S” body-type, functions for lip and paint (such as moles) that weren’t available in the closed alpha test.

Blue Protocol closed beta test character creator and starting classes

The game does offer more options now, but it does leave you wanting a little more. Perhaps that will be covered by the time it officially launches. Parts such as hair, skin, and cheeks have been brightened a bit to stand out more during gameplay. The color palette for the eyes and skin is said to be lacking, but you can change brightness and saturation to give it more of your own touch.

The Closed Beta Test comes with the starter classes of Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster. Those are the same classes from the closed alpha test, but with various updates.

Aegis Fighter

Blue Protocol closed beta test character creator and starting classes

Aegis Fighter is described as more of the ol’ reliable class of Blue Protocol. It is a frontline fighter with a sword and shield that provides stability when it comes to strategizing, making it a good choice for solo play. In addition to regular skills, they come with various knockback effects and light attribute attacks. However, Aegis Fighter’s light attributes come with damage-over-time effects and knockback. While that isn’t troublesome for solo play, it made it difficult for other classes to land their hits when the Aegis Fighter knocked back monsters all over the place.

Twin Striker

Blue Protocol closed beta test character creator and starting classes

Twin Striker is another melee class that specializes in dual-wielding axes. The class benefited from a variety of buffs including added combo gauge from the closed beta test. This allows Twin Strikers to keep hitting for an added 30% extra damage. This class is likely best suited for players who like to get in the mix with in-your-face battle action. While the class can do continuous fire-attribute damage, its attack range is a bit lacking. This makes it a bit troublesome when partying with an Aegis Fighter.

Blast Archer

In Blue Protocol, the Blast Archer uses bow & arrows for long-ranged attacks. They also specialize in supporting the party through buffs and heals. Aiming is now much easier thanks to the added reticle on the upper-right part of the character. Since speedy enemies are tough to hit, it’s suggested to use the lock-on feature. However, since enemies move about they might run by slopes or boulders that can mess up auto shots. The game will probably require shooting without locking on when things get a bit tougher later on. Since they’re the only ones with heals and buffs, they’re basically the designated “healer” of the group, making them valuable assets to any party. Players who like to heal or communicate in online games might enjoy this class.


Lastly, we have the Spellcaster class that is capable of using fire, ice, and electric magic by using “Engram”. This class specializes in high-powered magic attacks with the ability to cast spells from a distance. The Engram is displayed through an EP meter that allows you to use magic as much as you want so long as there’s still meter. However, the tricky part is EP management, as it can completely deplete in only three shots of magic. Since the EP recovery can’t keep up with the action, you need to right-click to recover more. The catch is that you can’t recover EP while moving. That said, boss fights basically consist of magic, EP recovery, magic, EP recovery, and repeat. Contrary to the Twin Striker, the Spellcaster isn’t recommended for those who enjoy action-heavy classes.

Blue Protocol is in development for PC. You can also check out more from the Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster in action here.

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