Blue Protocol Gameplay Footage Highlights Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spell Caster Classes

Blue Protocol Classes

Bandai Namco hosted its second official Blue Protocol livestream where we got to see plenty of new footage featuring various classes for the online action RPG.

The gameplay footage begins at the 13:32 mark of the video. Aegis Fighter is the first class we see. For the purpose of demonstration, the characters we’re looking at are at level 35, the max of the current closed beta. We get a look at the character’s skill board and how in-depth it can get. It also shows plenty of skill points to mess with. You’ll get to reset the skill board but it requires an item to do so. You can get one from beating the story in closed beta or from the GC shop. Head to the 16:55 mark for a look at the Aegis Fighter in action.

Each class has its own kind of meter. For example, Aegis Fighter has a meter for its shield-usage so they enter a “Shield Break” status if they let it run out. Next, head to the 25:28 mark for a look at the Twin Striker class. This class dual-wields axes and focus on dealing heavy damage with combos in a timely manner. They have a special combo meter that helps with damage output but resets each time the Twin Striker takes damage.

Head to the 34:24 mark of the video to check out the Blast Archer class as our first ranged fighter. In addition to attacking from a distance, they can back their allies with support abilities and target enemy weaknesses. Lastly, head to the 43:46 mark of the video for a look at the last Blue Protocol class presented today with the Spell Caster. They’re similar long-distance attackers but instead fight using fire, ice, and electricity magic. Spell Casters can charge attacks for more damage or do less damage for faster casts. This makes the class a little tricky to use at times, but certainly rewarding once you get a feel for it.

Blue Protocol is in development for PC. Check out more on the classes in our previous report. Closed beta test sign-ups went live last week in Japan.

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