Blue Reflection Sun Trailer Introduces Ash And Girls

blue reflection sun trailer

DMM Games released an introduction trailer for Blue Reflection Sun. This is a collaborative effort between DMM Games, Koei Tecmo Games, and illustrator Mel Kishida. At over two minutes long, the trailer gives a look at the worldview, characters, and gameplay.

The story follows students at Hinomori Academy, in a world after a mysterious ash has caused the creation of monsters, as well as diseases in humans. The monsters are called “Testa” and they are antagonistic towards humanity. However, some humans who have gained special powers as a result of contact with the ash – the Eroded – are able to defeat the Testa. Shiho Kasuga is a victim of the ash, and she transferred to Hinomori Academy in order to receive treatment. Shiho ends being one of my fighters against the ash and the Testa.

You can watch the trailer for Blue Reflection Sun here:

The trailer mainly focuses on the female characters that will be in the game. Though it will star a male protagonist, he mostly appears in the background of scenes in this video.

Blue Reflection Sun will be a free-to-play mobile title with in-game purchases. Aside from Shiho Kasuga, the trailer introduces characters like Yukiko Takaoka, Nanaka Azumi, and Meiqi Xiao. It is unknown if you will be able to get these characters through the story, or if you will have to pull from them through a gacha system.

Blue Reflection Sun will come out on mobile devices in Japan in Winter 2023. Pre-registration is open.

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