Blue Reflection On How You’ll Help Out Schoolgirls And Fight Giant Monsters On The Side

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We got a look at Blue Reflection’s first trailer earlier, and Gust also provided additional information about the giant monsters we’ll face, along with an introduction of a couple school girls we’ll befriend.


The world of Blue Reflection is seeing a serious threat of invasion from giant creatures known as “Progenitors.”


During the everyday life parts, you’ll spend time with friends at school, while fixing problems in the Other World to see big changes in the real world.


This everyday life was meant to be a peaceful one, but things took a turn for the worst when a mysterious giant creature suddenly appeared. These creatures will go out to attack Hinako and the other Reflectors.



The “Progenitors” are mysterious giant creatures. It remains unknown why they appeared and are after humans.





The bodies and power of the Progenitors are on a whole other scale than what’s considered normal. They say that even the Reflectors won’t stand a chance of taking a hit from these guys.




The Progenitors demonstrate overwhelming power, and the Reflectors can’t do anything about it. What future awaits the Reflectors and their fight against the Progenitors? And what are the Progenitors aiming for?



Hinako and the other Reflectors will need to be powered up in order to face the Progenitors. You’ll do that by using crystallized feelings, called “Fragments,” which you can equip to increase attack and defense. Fragments come in all kinds of effects and found in the Other World.



When Hinako isn’t out fighting in the Other World, she’s an everyday high school student who attends an all-girls school. The everyday cycles start out with her waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night just like any other high school girl. The mornings usually consist of heading to school right after waking up and meeting up with other students.



While at school, you’ll get to see special events during class and lunch breaks. You’ll occasionally get questioned by other students during these special events, and depending on your answers you’ll see a change in “Interaction Level,” which represents how close you are with the said student.



When school is done, you’ll have the freedom to take your own actions. That means you’ll get to hang out with other students to become closer, create items, fix problems by going into the Other World, and plenty more to do during your free time. The day ends when you finish up after school and go back home to sleep. This is the kind of cycle you’ll see on an everyday basis, but depending on the course of actions you take throughout your days, you’ll see a big change in your friendship with other students.



“FuriSupe” is a smartphone app that has been popular with high school girls that Hinako and the others all have installed on their phones. You’ll get to use this as part of the everyday life to check out friend profiles, to use its chat function, play mini-games, and more.


Chihiro Inoue (CV: Ayaka Suwa)

“A mysterious girl with a kind heart.”

Height: 152cm

Weight: 43kg

Likes Flowers


Chihiro is a mysterious girl, and you never know what she’s thinking. She might come off as a troublesome girl when she does things like decorating the class with a strange plushies, but everything she does is for other people. She actually cares a lot for those around her, but she hasn’t been able to communicate this too well. Basically, she’s an unintentionally troublemaker.



Chihiro has strong feelings for others, and we’ll see her giving it her all as she cheers on Hinako and the others.


Yuri Saiki (CV: Ayane Sakura)

IQ of 300. A genius who foresees all.

Height: 159cm

Weight: 45kg

Likes: Thinking about things


A girl who was born with exceptionally high intelligence. While she does boast high IQ, she puts on a facade of a regular student, and is known as simply being a bright student in school. She grew up with her intelligence overthrowing emotions, making it difficult for her to express her emotions, and it’s also difficult for her to read other people’s emotions as well.



Yuri is able to solve everything other than emotions, making her go through everyday life without actually feeling alive.


Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Dancing in Illusion releases in Japan on March 30, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We’ll have new information on the game shortly.

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