Bokeh Game Studios Hires Siren Game Series Concept Artist

Bokeh Game Studios Concept Artist Miki Takahashi siren game series

Bokeh Game Studio posted a nearly 10-minute video highlighting creator Mika Takahashi, the concept artist behind the company’s upcoming horror title. Takahashi is known for her work designing characters for the Siren game series of survival horror titles on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.

In the video, Takahashi mentioned her childhood love for video games while expounding on how she entered the game industry after college. She said that her artwork has been dark since she was young, making her a good fit for the horror genre. After the Siren game series came to an end, Takahashi expressed interest in working on another Keiichiro Toyama title. Soon after Toyama left SIE to found Bokeh Game Studio, he invited Takahashi to join the team. Towards the end of the video, the artist gave more detail on the mysterious upcoming title, explaining that she is working more on enemy designs.

Bokeh Game Studio was founded by Keiichiro Toyama in August 2020 and will focus on developing titles for both consoles and PC. In February 2021, the company announced that they were working on an action-adventure horror title. Very little information regarding this game has been revealed, and the studio’s Producer Kazunobu Sato has only warned players that the title will “mess with your mind.”

Carley Garcia
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