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Bokuhime Project Details the ‘Cross-Dressing Awakening Adventure’ and How the Protagonist Gets Into It


Nippon Ichi Software shared the latest details and screenshots for the “cross-dressing awakening adventure” Bokuhime Project.



Young man—become cuter than any beautiful girl out there.

Yuriai Private Academy is a super ojou-sama school with a ratio of 99% girls. This academy has a rule that “cuteness” is everything. In order to save his older sister who was involved in a mysterious incident on school grounds, the protagonist Minato Ikusa must enroll in the academy as a female student. In order to become the most beautiful girl in the entire school, he must learn to polish his cross-dressing game.

However, in this academy, there are four exceptionally beautiful girls known as the “Four Princesses.”

Cross-dressing boy vs. super beautiful girls.

An unprecedented showdown of “cuteness” begins now!


Erika Ikusa

Battle Princess

Hobbies include housework, specializes in cleaning and the art of self-defense. Becomes popular at the academy and known as the “Battle Princess” after magnificently fighting off a pervert during the school entrance ceremony. She’s polite, tidy, and has good manners. She’s adored by the other students who call her “onee-sama.” However, there are many mysteries about her background…

Minato Ikusa

Erika Ikusa’s true identity (♂). He’s a genuine highschool boy who’ll be cross-dressing in Bokuhime Project to infiltrate the ojou-sama academy, in order to find out the truth behind the incident involving his older sister Marika. He actually wants to be a “manly man” deep down, but since he has an extreme case of sister complex, he sets aside his shame to take on the challenge of cross-dressing.

Akira Ikusa (CV: Yuki Kawakami)

Hikikomori-style Main Heroine

Cousin and childhood friend of the protagonist Erika (Minato). She’s the actual “Erika Ikusa” and the one responsible for getting Minato to cross-dress. A genuine shut-in who got Minato to commute to school on her behalf so that she can stay home to play video games. She’s sarcastic and mean, and has a wicked tongue towards Minato, but she actually likes him a lot.

Lira Hoozuki (CV: Maki Kawase)

Gal Princess

A charismatic gal who looks like an angel but is a little devil deep down. She has a brilliant fashion sense, makeup skills, and is a model who is popular with high school girls. She has a sharp tongue and refers to students other than herself as “weeds,” but she has a sincere side to her that will never mock the efforts of others. However, she’s also a closet otaku to the max.

Uran Ryuguuin (CV: Nao Shiraki)

Shrine Maiden Princess

Long black hair to go with a Japanese style, her personality is calm and gentle. She specializes in flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, and Japanese dancing. She’s basically the ultimate Yamato nadeshiko. However, having been isolated from the common world, she’s never had any relations to boys or Western culture, so she’s pretty bad when it comes to pastries, English, and such.

Hermes Himegami (CV: Nanahira)

Imperial Princess

A top idol boasting popularity on a national scale, Hermes is a beautiful girl and the academy’s number one princess known as the “Imperial Princess.” They say that she’s so cute that a wink from proximity is enough to send you flying. She’s usually busy so it’s rare for her to appear in the academy, but for some reason, she takes mysterious actions such as appearing before Minato and talking to him in a friendly manner.

Daria Himegami (CV: Ran Terai)

Knight Princess

Hermes’ older sister, a “knight” who protects her. She’s known as the princess “knight” because of her beautiful appearance and elegant posture. She’s kind and caring, but there’s a part of her that can’t help but make a move whenever she sees a beautiful girl. She was good friends with Erika’s older sister Marika.


The protagonist Minato Ikusa believes that it is a man’s duty to protect girls, and wishes to become a strong man. However, that matters not, as he ends up cross-dressing and having to enter an ojou-sama school in Bokuhime Project. Moreover, he’ll need to compete to become the top beautiful girl, in a showdown with the academy’s all-time beautiful girls known as the “Four Princesses.”

In order to save his older sister, Minato reluctantly becomes a beautiful girl and communicates with the other schoolgirls. However, the students at the academy for ojou-sama won’t hesitate to touch other girls. In order for the Battle Princess Erika Ikusa to hide her true identity, she must improve on her cross-dressing.


As the Battle Princess Erika Ikusa, you’ll work together with the cousin Akira, interact with the Four Princesses, and polish up on the cross-dressing in Bokuhime Project. Check out some more screenshots for Bokuhime Project below:

Bokuhime Project releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on April 23, 2020. Check out its opening movie here and its first trailer here.

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