Bombergirl PC Version Launches in Japan

Bombergirl Konaste

Konami released the PC version of its arcade title Bombergirl. However, the PC version will not be free to play and will work through the use of a “play ticket” system. Consumers can purchase play tickets to access the title on PC. It was announced back in January 2021 that the title would receive a PC release. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Players can purchase five tickets for 110 yen (about $1) and will receive one free gacha item. Five tickets are required to access a single battle. There is no cap on how many tickets consumers can purchase. However, there is a monthly subscription service for the PC version of Bombergirl. It will cost 2,178 or roughly $20. Purchasing the monthly subscription will allow players to battle as much as they’d like within the month. That said, the subscription service will not come with a free gacha item per every five tickets used. In addition, players will be able to carry their progress over from the arcade version to the PC version through a cloud system.

However, the PC version is the same as the arcade update that was released in October 26, 2020. The official website stated that any characters or costumes that were released after that date will not be available in the PC release. If the player obtained items in the arcade version beyond the October 26, 2020 update, these items will not be available to use.

Bombergirl is available for arcade machines and PCs in Japan.

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