Bounty Battle To Bring A Heavy Dose Of Dark Fantasy To The 2D Fighting Game


French studio DarkScreen Games is currently developing a multiplayer 2D fighting game called Bounty Battle. It most notably takes inspiration from Super Smash Bros. and Soul Calibur according to the creators.


Once finished it will have over 30 playable characters for you to select from and master their individual powers. As to the battles themselves, they take place in various 6-player arenas (both open and closed) as you each attempt to become the undisputed leader of the universe.


As to the general theme, it seems Bounty Battle takes from dark fantasy, with Beholder-like creatures, dark specters, dragons, demons, and warriors on show in the character line-up.


You can find out more about Bounty Battle on its website and track its development on Facebook.

Chris Priestman