Bronya Silverwing: N-EX Battlesuit Heading to Honkai Impact 3rd

Bronya Silverwing: N-EX Battle Heading to Honkai Impact 3rd

Mihoyo announced another A Post-Honkai Odyssey battlesuit is on the way. Rather than a new character, its a new one for a familiar face. Bronya Zaychik is getting a new Honkai Impact 3rd look with Silverwing: N-EX. It will show up as part of the 5.4 update in January 2022.

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Silverwing: N-EX is an S-rank battlesuit and the first APHO ranged attacker. She’s also a BIO unit with ice attacks capable of increasing all character in her party’s ice and total damage if she is set as the leader. Her normal Multi-Unit Arm 0019 combo attack deals ice damage. Her special places the Deconstruction Field. This will make bullets scatter to deal more damage. Her evasion move triggers Stealth Mode. Finally, her Razing Chrome Ultimate fires an ice laser beam.

This isn’t the first time Mihoyo showed off this new Bronya Honkai Impact 3rd battlesuit. Silverwing: N-EX showed up in the December 2021 APHO Chapter 2 preview video. Things start out with a mission report from her. She goes over the situation. Then at the 4:40 mark, people can see her in action.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for the PC and mobile devices, and the 5.4 update will bring the Silverwing: N-EX Bronya battlesuit. The next APHO chapter will appear on January 13, 2022. Ahead of that major update, a Herrscher of Flamescion Time Runner skin appeared to ring in the new year.

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