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Bullet Girls Phantasia Introduces The Game With D3 Publisher’s First Virtual YouTuber



Bullet Girls Phantasia will send the girls of Ranger Club into an alternate world that has swords, magic, monsters, and new girls. Here’s an introduction with D3 Publisher’s first virtual YouTuber.


The virtual YouTuber is actually Melina Iris (CV: Nozomi Yamamoto) and she’s one of the characters you’ll meet in the story at the alternate world. Melina starts out with a self introduction, followed by an introduction for the girls of the Ranger Club that we’ve seen in the previous Bullet Girls games and the new girls we meet in the alternate world of Bullet Girls Phantasia.


Following the character introductions, we get to see some of the monsters and battles that include the gun action, tanks, and panty-shots from Bullet Girls as well as the new sword and magic featured in the new title.


Lastly, we get to see a bunch of “interrogation” sequences that are actually made for training purposes for the girls, should they ever get captured by enemies. The game will have more naughty elements and different ways to fight. Read more details on that in our previous report.


In case you missed it, H2 Interactive announced that it will publish Bullet Girls Phantasia in Asia and it’ll come with Traditional Chinese and English language support. You can check out more screenshots and highlights for the game here.


Bullet Girls Phantasia releases in Japan and Asia on August 9, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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