GameStop is giving people who reserve Gods Eater Burst two more Aragami to slay. Caligula, one of the deadly monsters in the DLC pack, dives at players with razor sharp blades on its arms and creates a cone of blue energy around him.


Caligula 2 Caligula 3Caligula Battle 2 Caligula Battle 3 Caligula Battle 4 Caligula Battle 5 Caligula Battle 1


Spoils for slaying Caligula let players access three new weapons: Obelisk, Claudia, and Incitatus.


Incitatus 2 Obelisk Obelisk 2 Claudia Claudia 2 Incitatus


Defeat Venus to create three other weapons: Rice Lily, Alostroemeria, and Gloriosa.


Gloriosa 2 Rice Lily Rice Lily 2 Alstroemeria Alstroemeria 2 Gloriosa

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