Caligula Prologue Details The “Realization” Of Being Trapped In A Virtual World

FuRyu’s upcoming RPG will have you trapped in an “ideal virtual high school,” where the protagonist and a group of allies will attempt to make an escape from the fake world. The official website shares more on how it starts out with a prologue of the game’s story.

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—You hear a voice coming from the darkness. The owner of this voice called itself “μ.” You’re asked your name and when answered μ says in an elated manner “you can forget about the harsh reality,” “from now on, live a happy life.” You’re told about the harsh reality… but you no longer have memories of it. μ says the name of the world “Welcome to Mobius,” while you’re still lost and confused. In this moment, your consciousness has been lost.


When you awake, you find yourself at Kishimai High School. Your consciousness is still hazy, as you idly get a grasp of the situation. It appears to be in the midst of a graduation ceremony, and the greetings are about to begin.



After some time passes, the pieces of your memories begin to connect bits at a time… you’re a first-year student at Kishimai High School. A carefree high school student about to begin an ideal school life in your youth. Some time passes by, and the entrance ceremony has started.


With high morals, excellent grades, and greatly relied upon by others, you’re expected to say your greetings as the second-year representative. You go on the podium.


However, following on the podium, is a representative of the new students, a young man named Kensuke Hibiki, who addressed his graduation speech the other day.


Then, you just remembered a strong sense of discomfort, as your eyes see a monster in the face of Kensuke. That is not all. You begin to notice that there are similar monsters mixed in with all the students that appeared normal up until now. Unable to endure the fear, you jumped off the stage and left the hall running.


Before you realized, you remembered everything. That this is a different world. About the existence of reality. About the pain from your reality… and that nonetheless, you must still return.


“He’s trouble.” “He, too…” “He can see it.”



In the midst- of the ceremony that continued as if nothing happened, only a few students were able to see you running out of the hall.


Caligula will release on June 23, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. The game is being developed by Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment makers, Aquria. You can check out more on the game with a look at its battle system in our earlier report.

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