Capcom Financial Report Reveals Increase in Sales

Capcom Financial Report

Capcom has released its financial report for the recent fiscal year. This includes a breakdown of sales through its amusement facility businesses and games. That includes both digital and physical sales for titles such as Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil 3 specifically. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The financial report mentions that Capcom performed well in its physical and digital department regarding the selling of games. Specifically with Monster Hunter Rise shipping over 4 million units shortly after its release. Capcom also mentions that sales for Resident Evil 3 remake were strong and contributed to profits in the fiscal year. Overall, sales were up 16.8% from the previous fiscal year.

However, its amusement facilities suffered from the on-going situation surrounding COVID-19, and due to the several state of emergencies declared by the Japanese government in respond to the pandemic. Profits from amusement facilities are down 87.7% in comparison to the previous fiscal year. That said, strong sales from Monster Hunter franchise helped generate profit for the company. This includes Monster Hunter World.

The financial report ends with Capcom mentioning that the company is still looking to expand the influence of its IPs. It mentions the Monster Hunter film, and that the company will pursue the use of online tournaments to bolster its esports initiatives.

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