Capcom User Survey Will Give You a Free Wallpaper

capcom survey wallpaper

Capcom is holding a small survey about its users, with participants receiving a wallpaper of Capcom characters at the end of it. Questions mostly focus on current series that Capcom is working on. It also asks about games that are in development or recently came out. The survey is available until March 22, 2023.

After answering some basic questions about yourself, the survey asks about recent games that you have played or plan on playing from Capcom. It then asks about your habits when it comes to purchasing games, asking questions such as when or how you buy them. Finally,  it asks if you are aware that there is a sale on Capcom titles happening as of the time of writing. You can access the sale via online storefronts such as Steam.

Some upcoming Capcom titles that the user survey mentioned include the Resident Evil 4 remake, Exoprimal, and Ghost Trick. Several of these titles already have demos, or appeared during shows such as the Nintendo Direct. If there are titles that you are interested in that were not one of the options, there are also questions with free answer spaces for you to type them out.

The Capcom user survey will be available until March 22, 2023, and the wallpaper features characters from multiple games.

Stephanie Liu
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