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Capcom Producer Shares a New Monster Hunter Stories 2 Details


Some new Monster Hunter Stories 2 details were revealed in various Japanese interviews released on October 7, 2020. The game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, talked with Game Watch, 4Gamer, and Famitsu about the upcoming RPG. Tsujimoto elaborated on the evolving battle system, appealing to a wider playerbase, and teased some announcements. We’ve translated and summarized the pertinent information below.

From Famitsu’s interview:

  • Tsujimoto says they’re taking elements that were well-received from the battle system in Monster Hunter Stories, and elevating them with new mechanics that will be even more enjoyable.
  • When asked if PvP will return from the last game, Tsujimoto said to look forward to what will be announced next.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Details Rathalos

From Game Watch Impress’s interview:

  • Tsujimoto says Capcom received overwhelming positivity from fans of the first game. Players wanted a sequel.
  • It’s very important to him that the game appeals to a larger playerbase, as the first game was aimed toward younger players.
  • Tsujimoto says they’re making sure the narrative and the mechanics are clearly conveyed to the player through gameplay.
  • Even though the first game had a lot of monsters players could befriend, there are even more in Stories 2.
  • He can’t say yet whether or not monsters from Rise will be in Stories 2, but he does remind players there will be some sort of crossover content. Tsujimoto says if players experience both titles, they will get something good in each game.
  • Describes Stories 2 as an RPG and not an action game.

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From 4Gamer’s interview:

  • Players will be able to jump into Stories 2 without needing to play the first game.
  • When asked if there will be returning characters or if it will be set in the same world as the first game, Tsujimoto said to look forward to what will be announced next.
  • A lot of consideration went into the visuals and design of the characters, including their new, different proportions. The decisions were primarily to make the game appeal visually to more players.
  • They’ll announce further details about the battle system soon.
  • Tsujimoto says the anime of the first game was well-received by families and kids.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021. In the meantime, readers can enjoy all the meaty details we’ve translated on Monster Hunter Rise.

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