Capcom Reports Highest First-Quarter Sales of All Time

Capcom First-Quarter Sales

Capcom has revealed that the company officially achieved its highest first-quarter sales of all time through a new press release. The press release states that this is a record level high for the company. Additionally, the press release reveals that this is largely in part due to the success of Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise. [Thanks, Nibel!]

Net sales for Capcom are up 104.1% and operating income is up by 120.4%, largely in part to digital sales. As mentioned previously, Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village are the main contributors to the overall success of Capcom’s first-quarter sales. Resident Evil Village currently sits at 4.5 million units sold worldwide, and Monster Hunter Rise is officially Capcom’s best selling single-platform title. A PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to release sometime in early 2022.

The press release also reveals the difference between the first-quarter sales for 2020 and 2021. Net sales for Capcom during the first quarter of 2021 is approximately 48.2 million yen. However, in 2020, first-quarter sales were only 23.7 million yen. Additionally, the press release breaks down digital sales and contribution to the overall profit margin for the company.

Outside of achieving its highest first-quarter sales of all time, Capcom also achieved its highest level of profit of all time during its first-quarter.

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