Capcom Unity To Remove All Forums and User Content On May 6

Capcom Unity

The long-running Capcom official news and forums site Capcom Unity will be undergoing major changes on May 6 to keep with the times, and the biggest change is that there will no longer be support for User Pages, meaning all user-created content on the site’s forums will be completely wiped clean. Instead, user discussion will be migrated to Discord and other social media platforms, with the main Capcom Unity site focusing on news updates.

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The Capcom Unity forums had individual communities for each series or games in particular, such as OkamiDragon’s Dogma, Remember Me, Darkstalkers, and more. Of particular note is the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom community, established in 2010 to gauge fan feedback for the game’s development process, as well as have fans participate in submitting ideas for mascot designs and Easter Eggs, among other things. All these messages, comments, and user-created content will be completely gone after May 6, as well as the main news pages themselves (though the latter will likely still be viewable via Wayback Machine).

As of April 15, no new threads or posts can be created at all. This week, a new Download function was added, and users will have until May 6 to download an XML file of all the blog entries if they wish to keep their history of messages to import onto other blogging platforms. You can do this by going to your blog (, and clicking the Download button on the top right.

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