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Mega Man Legends 3’s Town Easter Egg Finalists


From a pool of over a thousand fan-submitted ideas, Capcom have whittled the finalists for Mega Man Legends 3’s Town Easter Egg selections down to seven, plus a list of runner-up ideas.


Here’s one, along with comments from the game’s programming director, Fujikawa:


Kobun #137 Watanabe491-san

Car Trouble

Normally, getting hit by a car in town just results in you taking a little damage, but sometimes the car will stop and the driver will get out. Various dialogue will ensue: “Oh my, are you hurt?” or “You dented my car. What’re you gonna do about it?”


Depending on your response, you may receive a zenny settlement or health items, or conversely, you may be forced to pay a repair fee. Expensive-looking cars are more likely to give you items and zenny, while cars painted completely black are likely to take zenny from you.


Comments from Fujikawa-san:

I love this idea. An event begins without you even knowing it’s coming, and sometimes it even leads to gangsters taking your money?! It’s so hilariously unfair. I’ll be it’d make players take a lot more care when they’re crossing the road! Safety first, folks!


You can read the rest of the submissions that were selected at the Mega Man Legends 3 developer room blog.

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