Capture, Ride, And Evolve Your Own Dragon In Action-RPG Dragon Masters


South Korean studio Radiate is working on a shooting action-RPG in which you capture and raise dragons called Dragon Masters. Yes, it’s an idea inspired by Pokémon.


Rather than battling your dragons in turn-based battles, though, you ride them around dungeons defeating other dragons that usually attack in packs. You have to use the unique skills of your dragon to beat them while flying around to dodge their attacks.


Dragon Masters has over 100 kinds of dragon, each of which has eight stat points determined by their “potential power”, “personality”, and “breed.” The more you battle a dragon the faster they’ll grow and, eventually, evolve into more powerful forms once certain objectives have been met.


There are six adventures in total with an open world dungeon design. To get through the dungeons you need to collect keys, solve puzzles, and collect equipment that will allow you to open up and advance to new areas.


According to Radiate, work on Dragon Masters is nearly finished, and the studio should be submitting the game to Steam Greenlight soon. You can find out more about the game on its website for now. Screenshots are below.


Chris Priestman