Carpe Fulgur Discuss Picking Trails in the Sky SC Up As Their Fourth Project

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As previously reported, localization studio Carpe Fulgur (Recettear) are translating The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC into English for Xseed, who will be publishing the game in the U.S. for PC and PSP. In a recent update on their website, Carpe Fulgur discuss the origins of the project, which is their fourth to date.


“There have simply been so many moving parts to this particular project, so many interests to align, that speaking of what Project Four was until now was not possible,” writes studio co-founder Andrew Dice.


“In a way, Project Four has not just involved Trails SC; elements of this extend all the way back to the Steam release of Ys: The Oath In Felghana in March of 2012. Though CF did not participate directly in the localization of that game, I, myself, did have a small hand in making that release happen. Getting Felghana, and its siblings, onto Steam to help prove a market even existed for a product like SC was pivotal to the project moving forward. There were so many pitfalls that the project could have faced that announcing it would have been, until very recently, premature.”


Dice continues a few paragraphs later, “Trails is unquestionably our largest project to date; the main scenario alone is larger than the entire script for Recettear.  It is a project that we knew would take an extraordinarily long time to actually finish—a project that we knew many companies had previously rejected for this very reason.”


“Because of our significant, continuing profit and large reserve of assets, we knew that we were in a unique position to work on the game—we could do so without fear for our future, and our time investment would be “wasted” only if the game tanked in a catastrophic fashion—which, between the PC and PSP releases, should not happen.”


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC will be released for PC and PSP in 2014.

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