Case Closed’s New Switch Game Is Basically Conan Pro Skater Meets Sonic Dash

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Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan, is getting a brand-new game for the Switch, but instead of making it a detective game it is actually more of a runner game with Conan on his skateboard.


The game, titled Detective Conan Skateboard Run: Kaito Kid and the Mysterious Treasure, will release as an eShop title,



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The game is set in a giant theme park where Conan will have his Turbo Engine Skateboard to run around and perform high jumps, spin jumps, soccer shots, and more as a 3D action game with the objective of reaching the goal.



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With the game being set in a giant theme park, there are three main areas and a total of 30 courses with various tricks and gimmicks set up for each one.



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While out on the run Kaito Kid makes an appearance at random and will try to get in Conan’s way using giant balls, cards, and magic.


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Conan’s friends and allies show up in the form of Support Skills. There are 10 different support skills that provide different buffs, for example Ran has “Heart Healing” that can recover health, Amuro Tooru has a “Float” ability, the Junior Detective League also make their appearance to help out, and even Hattori Heiji helps Shinichi with bonus jumping powers.


Conan (CV: Minami Takayama)



Kaito Kid (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi)



Detective Conan Skateboard Run: Kaito Kid and the Mysterious Treasure releases in Japan in April 2019 via the Nintendo eShop for Switch. It’ll go for 3,500 yen.

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