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Celebrate Valentine’s Day at FFVII Remake’s Honeybee Inn

FFVII Remake Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the FFVII Remake official twitter account shared the Honeybee Inn theme song, titled “An Unforgettable Night.” The original song was composed by Nobuo Uematsu for Final Fantasy VII, and the Remake, version was arranged by Kengo Tokusashi and Mitsuto Suzuki.

The tweet is written in Japanese, and its translation reads as follows:

“Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, why don’t you come spend a night as sweet and tender as chocolate at the Honeybee Inn? If you wish to enjoy a beauty born only from chaos, and impossible to see above the plate, please be sure to make a visit to the Honeybee Inn.”

In FFVII Remake, the Honeybee Inn is a members-only nightclub located in Wall Market and owned by the eccentric and flamboyant Andrea Rhodea, a new character introduced in the remake. Cloud and Aerith visit the locale during Chapter 9, in order for Cloud to receive a makeover, which will allow him to qualify and go to Don Corneo’s audition to rescue his friend Tifa.

The FFVII Remake Twitter account recently shared the Japanese and Global versions of the Happy Turtle Jingle, a song exclusive to Episode Intermission.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Episode Intermission is an extra episode exclusive to the PS5 and PC versions, and it stars Yuffie as its protagonist.

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