Chainsaw Man Finale, Makima, and Power Anime Trailers Appear

Chainsaw Man Finale, Makima, and Power Anime Trailers Appear

Leading up to the Chainsaw Man anime finale on December 27, 2022, a number of character trailers appeared, and the Makima and Power ones were the final two. Each video helps remind people what the characters were up to earlier in the season. Meanwhile, the finale teaser focuses on the build-up and fight against the Katana Devil.

Editor’s Note: The Chainsaw Man Power and Makima trailers and finale teaser feature spoilers if someone hasn’t been keeping up with the anime and manga.

First, here’s the Chainsaw Man Power trailer. It begins by introducing her in a very vocal way. Then, we see what her daily life sharing a home with Aki and Denji is like. Due to her “nature,” she doesn’t believe in things like eating vegetables or proper hygiene. We also see her meeting her cat, Meowy, and living out in the wild.

Next is the Makima Chainsaw Man trailer. It begins with her first meeting with Denji. She happens upon him after he transformed into Chainsaw Man for the first time. Upon seeing him, she hugs him. The ensuing scenes show her both acting as the Public Safety Devil Hunter Special Division 4 head and teasing Denji in various ways.

Finally, here is the Chainsaw Man finale teaser. While it is only 15 seconds long, it shows folks like Denji, Power, and Aki as they prepare for the Katana Devil confrontation.

As a reminder, leading up to the last episode PVs appeared for Aki, Himeno, Kobeni, and Pochita as well.

Episode 12 is the final episode of the anime adaptation’s first season. It will air in Japan on December 27, 2022. Both Crunchyroll and Hulu will offer it online after it airs. Viz Media is handling the manga localization.

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