Chainsaw Man Makima Noodle Topper Mascot Out in Japan

makima noodle topper

Furyu released a noodle topper figure of Makima from Chainsaw Man. A promotional picture of her on Taito’s website has her sitting in a chair. The chair will not actually come with the figure. You will be able to fish for the Makima noodle topper from crane games in Japan.

Like most figures of Makima, she is wearing her standard outfit of a dress shirt and dress pants. She sits with her legs crossed and is propping her face up with her hand. Though she is a noodle stopper figure, you do not actually need to use her for your cup noodles. You can display her on a shelf or desk or TV like you would your other figures.

Furyu plans on releasing a 1/7 scale figure of Makima in November 2023. Makima is holding her hands in the exact same way that she used her force manipulation to kill enemies in Chainsaw Man. Furyu is not the only company who released a Makima figure. Good Smile Company, for example, will release a Pop Up Parade, scale figure, and Nendoroid of her.

The Chainsaw Man Makima noodle topper figure is readily available in Taito crane games in Japan. It will likely also appear in online storefronts, though at a premium.

Stephanie Liu
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