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Characters from Street Fighter 6 Roster Potentially Leaked


During the June 2022 State of Play, Street Fighter 6 appeared alongside a few confirmed characters for its roster. Chun-Li, Luke, Ryu, and newcomer Jamie all showed up. A screen in the battle hub also appeared to show Cammy and Guile in a fight in the background. However, more people might have been revealed. Art of 22 additional fighters showed up that could confirm other characters available. [Thanks, Dale Copper on Resetera and Destructoid!]

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Editor’s Note: There will possibly be spoilers for the Street Fighter 6 roster below, based on the apparently leaked characters.

In total, 22 people appear in the leaked images. Of those, some are already confirmed in the trailer. Cammy, Chun-Li, Guile, Jamie, Luke, and Ryu all appear with their new designs. However, the following characters also appear in the possible Street Fighter 6 roster leak. Of them, A.K.I., Jamie, JP, Kimberly, Marisa, Mimi, and Riri (or Lili) are new.

  • A.K.I. (China)
  • Akuma (Japan)
  • Blanka (Brazil)
  • Cammy (United Kingdom)
  • Chun-Li (China)
  • Dee Jay (Jamaica)
  • Dhalsim (India)
  • E. Honda (Japan)
  • Ed (German and
  • Guile (USA)
  • Jamie (Hong Kong)
  • JP (Russia)
  • Juri (South Korea)
  • Ken (USA)
  • Kimberly (USA)
  • Luke (America)
  • Marisa (Italy)
  • Mimi (France)
  • Rashid (Saudi Arabia)
  • Riri or Lili (Mexico)
  • Zangief (Russia)

Here are the leaked images.

Of those possible characters, one also did appear briefly in Capcom’s Battle Hub teasers. As Event Hubs pointed out, Kimberly can be seen on a screen in the background.

There is one character who didn’t appear in the leaked image, but showed up in the Street Fighter 6 State of Play trailer. Chun-Li is fighting with a young woman in a yellow jacket with panda headphones and glasses. This could be someone like Li-Fen, who appeared in Street Fighter 5 as a child.
Characters from Street Fighter 6 Roster Potentially Leaked

Street Fighter 6 is in development for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. It will launch in 2023.

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