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Check Out Exile Election’s Twelve Characters Before They All Die, Except For Two



What started out as a teaser with 11 silhouettes and some blood is now known as Exile Election, featuring 12 people that get stuck in a closed amusement park as part of a new Nippon Ichi visual novel death game.


Nippon Ichi updated the teaser website with what you see in the above image, the 12 competitors including the main character in the middle, named Kaname Ichijou (official reading pending).


Exile Election starts out when 12 characters find themselves trapped in a closed amusement park, where they encounter a mechanical doll named Alice who claims to the be the administrator of the place. They must go through “elections” to decide on who lives and who dies. The teaser website also adds that this “death game” will go on until there are only two survivors out of the bunch.


The death game involves trickery and deception, where the characters will have an election process to decide who dies and who lives, a process called “conversation.”


Exile Election releases in Japan on April 27, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can catch up on the game’s voicing cast in our earlier report.

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