China Airlines Will Have Its Own Pokemon-Themed Jet

China Airlines Pokemon Jet

The Pokemon Company revealed a new cooperation with China Airlines to launch a new plane with Pokemon-themed livery. The Taiwanese airliner will fly the “Pikachu Jet CI” on several flights in the Asian region.

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Even though the new flight will have the name Pikachu Jet CI, the plane’s livery will feature more Pokemon other than the series’ representative mascot. Jigglypuff, Snorlax, and Slowpoke will accompany Pikachu. The Hoenn Pokemon Swablu and the Unova native Munna will also make an appearance. Despite not appearing on the left side, the press release also mentioned Sinnoh’s mythical Pokemon Shaymin.

China Airlines will be the first airline outside Japan to fly a plane with an official Pokemon design. The Pokemon Company had previously worked with Japanese airliners like All Nippon Airways. It also provided Pokemon designs for Air Do‘s flights in the northernmost Hokkaido prefecture and Skymark‘s flights to Okinawa and Fukuoka in southern Japan. On the Flying Pikachu website, the company also teased plans to bring Pokemon jets to more countries and regions around the world.

The Pikachu Jet CI will fly between several locations in Asia, including Taipei and Tokyo. Neither The Pokemon Company nor China Airlines have announced the flight’s full schedule.

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