Pokemon Vulpix Airplane Will Fly in Hokkaido in December 2021

Rokon Jet Boeing 767 based on the Pokemon Vulpix

Air Do has revealed Rokon Jet, a Boeing 767 airplane decorated with the Pokemon Vulpix and its Alolan variant. The Japanese regional airliner will begin using this airplane for commercial flights starting from December 1, 2021.

The plane will feature both Vulpix variants on opposite sides of the same frame. Its right side will feature the original Vulpix with a sunny yellow background. Meanwhile, the left side will have the Ice-type Alolan Vulpix with a light blue theme.

Rokon Jet will feature both original Pokemon Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix

The aircraft cabin will also have more Vulpix-themed decorations. The head pillows and paper cups will have covers adorned with Vulpix and its Alolan variant. The cabin attendants will also wear special aprons decorated with both Pokemon.

Vulpix is a Fire-type fox Pokemon that has appeared since the series’ first-ever titles, Pokemon Red and Blue. It is known in Japan as Rokon. The 2016 seventh-generation games Pokemon Sun and Moon added Ice-type Alolan variants to Vulpix, and its evolution Ninetales. The latest games where players can obtain the original Vulpix are Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

As a Hokkaido-based airliner, Air Do chose Vulpix and its Alolan variant because both Pokemon have been appointed leaders of the Hokkaido Aficionado Expedition since November 2018. It is part of the Pokemon Local Acts project, where The Pokemon Company helps promote Japan’s prefectures by appointing certain Pokemon as regional ambassadorial mascots.

Air Do’s Vulpix-decorated Rokon Jet will launch on December 1, 2021. The flight’s exact schedule will be provided at a later date.

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