Chocolate Rain Singer Voices Black Desert’s Opening Cinematic


Daum Games has uploaded the opening cinematic for its upcoming MMORPG Black Desert. Turns out that it’s narrated by Tay Zonday, who is better known as the YouTuber with the deep voice, famous for singing “Chocolate Rain.”


The cinematic itself should give you some insight into “the fate of the Central City as the legendary and dangerous Elision stone is recovered.”


Of course, the timing of this cinematic’s arrival is significant too, as Black Desert’s second closed beta rolls out in the west from February 18th to February 22nd.


The second closed beta includes special in-game events including the Bait Master Tour, in which you are tasked with catching a rare Beltfish to earn a special title. There’s also an all-new triathlon challenge to take on.


Any rewards you earn will be tied to your account so you can take them into the game’s full launch on March 3rd.

Chris Priestman