Chosen Classes & Gear Drastically Change Drifting Lands’ Shmup Action

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Drifting Lands is a shmup that draw from RPGs, using classes, equipment, and various powers to allow for several different play styles as players take down incoming enemy ships.


Players have access to a deep customization system with Drifting Lands. There are three available classes of ship, with focuses on durability and power, depending on how confident the player is in avoiding taking hits. On top of this, players can attach equipment to their ship to enhance its speed and weapon capabilities, as well as attach some of the game’s seventy different active and passive powers to enhance attack effects or give them powerful new abilities. Controlling time, dashing through objects, and more powers can be added to give the player full control over their play sessions.

Drifting Lands will randomly generate its missions, so players will want to be fully comfortable with their ship build when they go into battle. Also, the game touts that it offers “100 levels of difficulty” for players to overcome, steadily creeping the challenge ever higher to see if their ship build is the right one for them.


Drifting Lands offers its highly-customizable shmup experience now on Steam.

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