Sega is remaking NiGHTS into Dreams… and the HD re-release has an awesome bonus. Christmas Nights, a two level game with a Holiday themed story, is part of Nights into Dreams… for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Players can unlock Christmas Nights by fulfilling certain conditions.


cnights1 cnights4 cnights3 cnights2


NiGHTS into Dreams… utilizes your console’s clock for seasonal changes and has an option to play the original Saturn version of the game. Sega also included a gallery mode and an interview with Takashi Iizuka as bonuses for NiGHTS fans. NiGHTS into Dreams… comes out on October 4 for PlayStation 3 and October 5 for Xbox 360. In Japan, the game will retail for 1,000 yen or 800 Microsoft Points. Looks like it’s going to be $10 here.


cnights5 cnights6

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