Chrono Cross Opening Cutscene with Serge and the Mastermune Explained

Chrono Cross Opening Cutscene with Serge and the Mastermune Explained

In the Chrono Cross opening movie, nearly every cutscene shown is one that appears in the game proper. There is one exception. At one part, Chrono Cross hero Serge appears running while wielding a Mastermune Swallow. This doesn’t appear later. Director Masato Kato offered a brief statement to solve the mystery of why it is there.

The answer came up after BitterFennec asked during Square Enix’s request for game-related questions. Kato noted this is a simple situation in which a Chrono Cross cutscene was created specifically for the opening to help showcase Serge’s personality.

Here is exactly what Kato had to say about this Chrono Cross moment with Serge and the Mastermune.

The priority when creating that scene of Serge running with the Master Mune was to show Serge as brave and dynamic in the opening movie.

It wasn’t like we had that particular scene in the story and then deleted it later.

It was more that this kind of scene wouldn’t be out of place, or rather, this is him in his usual state.

Square Enix shared the remaster’s opening ahead of launch.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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