Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin Star in Granblue Fantasy Sanrio Event


For April Fools’ Day, Cygames welcomed all Skyfarers in Granblue Fantasy to the magical world of Sanrio. The “Sanrio Characters: Come on Over to Hello Land!” event in Granblue Fantasy will only be available until midnight at April 1, 2023. During this event, you can get Sanrio outfits for characters, as well as the playable “Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin” unit.

Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin are an SSR Wind character that you will get as soon as the event starts. They are a pure support character and cannot normal attack. However, there is a lower chance of enemies targeting them as well. They are also prominent characters in the event’s story. Aglovale is also a key character, showing up in the story with a Cinnamoroll headband.

During the event, you could use Otherworldly Cuteness to exchange for outfits. You could get comedic costumes of characters like Zeta, Vane, Yuni, and Diantha. SSR Fire Summon Sanrio Characters (featuring popular mascots like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kuromi) and SSR Dark Staff Dragon Bar V are also in the event shop.

Granblue Fantasy is readily available on mobile devices and Internet browsers. The Sanrio event in Granblue Fantasy will run until 23:59 of April 1, 2023.

Stephanie Liu
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