Get a Better Look at Claire and Leon in New Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Stills

Claire Redfield Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

New images of Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy from the latest Resident Evil CGI series, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, have surfaced. The official NX Netflix Twitter account shared these stills. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

In the recently shared images, Leon S. Kennedy looks very much like himself, especially his Resident Evil 6 iteration. Additionally, Claire is wearing an outfit with color schemes reminiscent of her previous appearance in Resident Evil Revelations 2. You can take a look at Claire and Leon in the new Resident Evil Infinite Darkness stills below.

Very little information has been disclosed about the upcoming series. Before the official announcement at Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation, the trailer for the series had leaked on Twitter. What we do know about Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is that it will star Leon and Claire and that the duo will need to team up once again to defeat whatever lurks in the shadows.

Production Manager Yoshinaga Miyamoto (Resident Evil: Vendetta) will be in charge of the 3D CG animation production for Infinite Darkness. Additionally, Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi will be working on the project as well. Toms Entertainment will be producing Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will be available to stream through Netflix sometime in 2021.

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